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Christopher Clark, a Michigan native, has always been involved in creating and performing on various stages throughout his life. Clark, a pastors kid, participated in a variety of youth events and plays within his church as early as 6 years old. By the time Christopher was age 9 he had already began to make a name for himself as a child actor in his small hometown of Taylor Michigan. Christopher has always expressed a deep desire to perform, so over the years Clark would continue to challenge himself by taking large roles in school as well as small roles in other community plays. Finally, after graduating from Baptist Park High School, Christopher began to peruse acting on a more serious level by attending Henry Ford Community College where he would start his work at becoming a theatre major. Christopher has performed in several college plays, one of his most notable and challenging roles was that of Romeo in an elaborate production of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. Clark would also move on to Liberty University where he would study more theatre as well.


Taking a small break from acting, Clark released that he had to do some type of work to help support his budding career so he constructed drywall and took small repair jobs around town.  It was during one of these jobs that Christoper was approached by a talent scout representing John Casablanca school of modeling and acting. While Christopher has always been a man of great stature, he never considered himself to be a model, well not until now. The camera and brands immediately fell in love with Christopher’s infectious personality and rugged good looks. Clark would go on to be booked frequently in commercial ads, including one of his most popular ads with American Crew, an ad that would gain Clark national attention. As an actor or model, Clark brings diversity in character to all of his roles. Whether it be in a comedic or serious role, Clark has managed to continuously captivate audiences wherever he performs. Clark always enjoys a creative challenge whether it be with modeling or acting. Booking Clark for your next event is a smart idea! He gives 110% of his energy and enthusiasm to every project he is a part of.





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